Patio Blinds

Relax Outdoors can offer various options to enclose a patio, alfresco or any outdoor area, please click on any of the pictures or headings for more information.
 Ziptrak slate DM2
Create an environment that can be used all year round by installing the simple and ingenious Ziptrak™ blinds.
We consider the Ziptrak™ blinds are by far the best blinds on the market, and we advise anybody who is looking at buying new blinds to view the Ziptrak™ blinds first.
An economical option where access is not necessary.
All our blinds are manufactured from a huge range of quality 2 over 2 Pvc coated mesh or quality clear or tinted Pvc.
We have a 90% block out material and a 99% block out material, both come in a wide range of colours.

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