Blind Material


Relax Outdoors has access to a huge range of materials used to manufacture our blinds. We use quality 2 over 2 Pvc coated mesh from the best manufacturers in Australia, which gives us a massive range of colours to choose from. All the mesh that we use is designed in such a way that enables you to see through from the inside of the blind but restricts views from the outside in. All meshes are between 90% and 99% enclosed, meaning the mesh will stop between 90% and 99% of the wind and rain, while also allowing a little air circulation, on hot summer days. The mesh also reduces the suns glare while helping to keep your patio area cool.

PVC provides a total block out from the wind and rain without interrupting your view. It's strong and durable and available in clear or tinted. The tinted finish has the added benefit of softening the sun's harsh rays.

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